Stop, wait... look up and around

Who is doing the thinking?

Learning in relation to people

Be smart enough to listen to the kids...

The less time spent coping is more time spent learning

Independent learners and problem solvers

Relationships: the glue that sticks us together

What are "we" doing?

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Rocky Mountain Autism Center, Inc. (RMAC) is a state-of-the-art facility for families and individuals affected by the complex issues surrounding autism spectrum disorders. We strive to help families who are concerned about their loved ones with ASD to understand and learn from each other, develop relationships, and improve their quality of life. "Making a Difference" is our mission.

RMAC provides a unique approach to ASD intervention that differs from any other program, center or clinic. Dr. Patrick J. Rydell, founder of RMAC, is the co-author of the nationally recognized SCERTS® Model and developer of the Learning Style Profile for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. An innovative combination of these two approaches, along with influences from other evidence-based practices, are used to develop and implement all of our services, including online consulting, workshops and center/home-based behavior/speech/occupational therapy .... At RMAC,  Experience Matters!

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