Stop, wait... look up and around

Who is doing the thinking?

Learning in relation to people

Be smart enough to listen to the kids...

The less time spent coping is more time spent learning

Independent learners and problem solvers

Relationships: the glue that sticks us together

What are "we" doing?

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A Personal Note from Dr. Rydell,

The time has come for me to transition to a new phase in my career. This year will be my 38th in the field of autism spectrum disorder...and, I have contemplated and prayed what my career focus should be in the next 10-15 years. It has become evident that there are tremendous ASD consulting and training needs world-wide in almost every country. Therefore, after very thoughtful consideration, my focus will turn toward global work in ASD. This decision will require me to retire from clinical work at Rocky Mountain Autism Center and we will close RMAC's doors as of June 30, 2018. All speech, occupational and behavioral services will end on or before this date. I will transition to a new practice, Autism On Call, LLC., My practice will focus on national and international consultation and training on the Learning Style Profile (Rydell, 2012) and will continue to support families, hospitals, schools, governments, agencies and clinics. My efforts will be to continue to develop the LSP approach and collaborate with our partners here and abroad. Thank you, Dr. Patrick J. Rydell

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