Learning Style Profile

Learning Style Profile

The Learning Style Profile for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (LSP) is designed to assist educators and interventionists with understanding an individual child's Learning Style characteristics and patterns. It targets 10 intervention areas that represent the greatest challenges for professionals in the classrooms based on the learning style differences of ASD. These patterns provide a guideline for creating and maintaining appropriate educational and intervention programs to advance children from learning style weaknesses to learning style strengths.

The LSP is specifically designed as an efficient and practical guideline for incorporating Learning Style Components into the general structure of classroom and intervention settings for a more balanced educational approach. It also promotes a more developmentally balanced Learning Style Profile for each child to support the child's individualized education program (IEP).

Reviews of the LSP:

“One of the challenges of graduate education is seamlessly connecting the classroom with the clinic. The LSP is unique in that it is theoretically sound, clinically practical and yet flexible enough to allow responsiveness to all of the challenges and strengths of the specific child with ASD. From his clinical and research experience, Dr. Rydell has pulled together a valuable tool that is easily accessible to beginning clinicians. Clinicians experienced with ASDs will immediately see the practical value in this resource.

My graduate students have found the LSP very helpful in learning to understand, recognize and work with the core challenges associated with children with ASD. Dr. Rydell’s focus on what can be done today with specific children on a caseload is a great strength of the LSP. It is obvious that he has been and remains in the trenches and knows the concerns of practicing clinicians.

My students and I have used the LSP with several of our clinical cases with great success. We’ve found that it makes explaining the core challenges and areas of strengths to parents much more tangible. I will continue to use this in my clinical practice and make the LSP one of the required texts in my graduate course”.

Dr. Ryan L. Nelson, Assistant Professor University of Louisiana, Lafayette Department of Communicative Disorders

The Learning Style Profile provides a dynamic and unique process for understanding how core challenges of ASD affect people across developmental domains. This invaluable tool targets the heart of ASD challenges while offering a theoretical framework for program development and implementation. The Learning Style Profile also provides a deeper understanding of the trials a child with ASD faces at home and in the classroom. The LSP offers a practical guideline for therapists, teachers and parents to understand behavioral challenges while providing tangible tools to access educational, behavioral and/or developmental curriculum. I highly recommend the LSP for school, clinic and home programming!

Ann Folan, M.A., Behavioral Therapist

The  Learning Style Profile offers educators a unique and an exceptionally effective tool to aid in program development for students with ASD.  Through the LSP, special education teachers, families and other therapists, can readily assess the challenges and strengths of the children with ASD.  The LSP offers a clear framework to outline a student’s current performance levels, identify their areas of need, and develop interventions and strategies to address these.  Best of all, through this profile, we have a very efficient way to share this crucial information with all stakeholders in the educational setting. Through the LSP, the core challenges of ASD, are identified and connected to school expectations.  The LSP provides targeted guidance and information in a readily accessible manner for classroom teachers and they are able to make appropriate and effective accommodations.  The LSP gives teachers a research based tool to enhance our performance without disrupting the learning environment.  It allows us to provide all students with the strategies and engagement necessary for them to be successful.  The LSP is easy to use, offers crucial input for programming, and leads to ongoing growth and success for students with ASD - a win-win for all. 

Patti Beemer, Significant Needs/ Autism Specialist, Grades PK-21

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