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Description of Intervention

RMAC provides speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy services to children with autism spectrum disorders based on the Learning Style Profile and the SCERTS Model.

RMAC's intervention model prioritizes a social learning approach with siblings and peers as role models. We believe that children should learn across persons, places and circumstances. All interventions follow a family-systems approach in which family members actively participate and learn in each session. Priorities, methods and outcomes are based on systematic, data-driven and well-coordinated decisions.

Therapy sessions are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs and priorities of the child. All therapy sessions will be implemented by a doctoral, doctoral candidate or master's level RMAC therapist. Experience Matters!

RMAC requires a minimum of one session per week. However, many families choose to attend multiple sessions per week.

Speech Therapy

Emphasis is on developing functional, spontaneous and generative communication in the areas of a) speech intelligibility (articulation), b) receptive language, c) expressive language, d) social-pragmatic (social uses of language), e) conversation, and f) auditory processing skills. A licensed speech-language pathologist implements therapy.

Occupational Therapy

Emphasis is on developing functional motor skills for use at home and school in the areas of a) fine motor, b) gross motor and c) emotional regulation and d) sensory integration. Therapy is implemented by a licensed occupational therapist.

Behavioral Therapy

Emphasis is on developing abilities in the core challenge areas and learning styles of ASD. Intervention is designed to target behaviors that represent the greatest challenges at home and in the classrooms. RMAC's behavior therapy provides a developmental roadmap to move the children from learning style weaknesses to learning style strengths so that children may be more available for, and progress in core challenge areas (joint attention, social interactions, communication, emotional regulation and behavior). Therapy is implemented by a doctoral or master's level therapist.

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